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Lords of Madness Preview 4
A Walk through Monster Manual 2
Peter Lee

Last week I mentioned that a quarter of the new miniature set, Lords of Madness, is drawn from the Monster Manual. I didn’t forget about Monster Manual 2! Lords of Madness contains twelve more miniatures from that book. Let’s consider a few of them now.

It’s no secret that I like miniatures that help flesh out encounters. For low-level play, this set has two Kenku, a type of miniature not seen since 2005’s Deathknell set. The Kenku Warrior is a 3rd level common skirmisher that attacks with a thrown dagger; the Kenku Wing Mage is a 5th level rare controller that hovers over the player characters using magical wings of force.

When I started working on this set, I gleefully added Neogi in the very first brainstorming session. Ever since I first saw them in Spelljammer, I knew I was looking at something unique. Lords of Madness has both the rare Neogi Slaver and the very rare Neogi Great Old Master.

Finally, the picture speaks best for this last one: the very rare Heroslayer Hydra.

See you next week!

Peter Lee
Peter joined Wizards of the Coast in 2008 as the lead designer for the D&D Miniatures line. Since then, Peter has worked on projects for the D&D Roleplaying Game, D&D Miniatures, Star Wars Miniatures, and Heroscape. Peter is also an accomplished miniature painter and sculptor.
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