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Savage Encounters Preview 6
Peter Lee

The release of Savage Encounters grows closer every day, and therefore the previews are nearing the end – but not this day. Here are five more figures that you’ll be able to find in the next D&D Miniatures set.

Savage Encounter finishes up several entries in the Monster Manual. We’ve seen the Foulspawn, most of the Slaads, and this preview has the remaining two githyanki. If you turn to page 129 of the Monster Manual, you’ll see our next two miniatures ripped directly out of the art. Just like the picture in the book, the rare Githyanki Mindslicer has her finger pressed to her temple and the traditional silver sword drawn for protection. With her is the uncommon Githyanki Gish, incanting his storm of stars to immolate his foes.

It’s been nearly two years since we’ve had a large minotaur, and you have to go all the way back to 2005’s Angelfire set to find an Uncommon version. I feel that there has been no minotaur of as high a quality as this set’s Savage Minotaur. As a visible miniature, you shouldn’t have a problem finding it in the stores.

Our last two miniatures for today’s preview are both natural beasts. Running into a nest of poisonous vipers is a traditional wilderness encounter, and it will be easy to create once you have a few of the common Deathrattle Viper. Our other beast joins Desert of Desolation’s Macetail to complete the behemoth entry: the rare Bloodspike Behemoth. I did mention that this set finished off a lot of entries, didn’t I?

That’s it for today. Next time -– the last five figures!

Deathrattle Viper

Githyanki Gish

Githyanki Mindslicer

Savage Minotaur

Bloodspike Behemoth
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