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Mines of Madness, Part 4
D&D Podcast
Greg Bilsland, Scott Kurtz, Kris Straub, Molly Lewis, and Stepto

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R&D's Greg Bilsland leads a crew through the Mines of Madness (available in the latest playtest packet update). Mines of Madness—written by Scott Kurtz and Chris Perkins—recently debuted at PAX East, with adventurers hurling themselves into a deadly dungeon in search of the fabled Forever Stone.

In Part 4, the crew kills their lackey… twice. Plus, a fight with rust monsters, and a room with a tempting—oh so temping—gem.

The Crew

For more on our participants, you can find Scott Kurtz at tabletitans.com and pvponline.com. Kris Straub at chainsawsuit.com and krisstraub.com. Molly Lewis at sweetafton23.com. Stepto at stepto.com. And Greg Bilsland at wanderingbard.com.

Play the Adventure

The wizard Abracadamus hid the Forever Stone in the darkest depths of a failing mine, coerced monsters into serving as guardians, and rigged the dungeon with traps galore. Then he died, as all good wizards do.

Many heroes have fallen prey to the Forever Stone’s lure of immortality. To date, only one stalwart band has plunged into the Mines of Madness and lived to tell the tale. You think you’re better than them? You think you got what it takes to grab life by the stones and conquer the dungeon that won the 2012 Gygaxian Award* for Bonecrushing Awesomeness? We seriously doubt it, but go ahead . . . prove us wrong!

Mines of Madness is a Very Special D&D Adventure written for PAX East 2013 and designed for four 3rd-level characters using the rules in the D&D Next playtest package (available for free at dndnext.com).

The Warnings and Fine Print

Please note, this podcast contains spoilers of the Mines of Madness, so if you are planning to play through the adventure, we suggest doing so first before listening to the podcast.

Also, this podcast may contain strong language. You have been warned.

(*Not a real award, though seriously, it should be.)


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