News Archive | 9/29/2009
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Welcome to the Website!

On behalf of everyone at Wizards of the Coast, welcome to the new Dungeons & Dragons website! A lot of folks were involved in its planning, design, and implementation—too many to name here. Suffice to say, the goal of this re-launch is to give you, the end user, a much better website experience.

The old site was, we admit, a navigational nightmare. Important content was difficult to find, and the site didn’t do justice to all aspects of the D&D brand, including our novels, miniatures, article archives, and D&D Insider tools.

What you'll find here is a more cohesive, user-friendly website that brings together all of the important information, delivered and stored in an intuitive, easy-to-navigate manner. If you’re a player, you’ll want to check out the Player hub of the site. If you’re a DM, the Dungeon Master hub is for you. The Community hub is our launch pad to the various groups, forums, and blogs happening within the Wizards Community. If you’re looking for upcoming website content, check out the new Content Calendar; and for past content, our archives are now far easier to browse, divided by Articles, Issues, Worlds, and a complete Product Catalog. We could go on and on, but it’s probably best to let you explore the new site at your own pace.

Most of the website content will be familiar to you: magazine articles, product excerpts, podcasts, D&D Insider tools—you name it. We have a new logo to specifically call out subscriber-only content, of which there’s plenty.

We hope that you enjoy exploring the new site, and as always, we'd love to hear what you think. Feel free send your thoughts to, or ping us directly at any of our community profile pages:

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