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Bart Carroll

Wednesday, September 8

For those of you attending PAX Prime this year, we hope you had as much a blast at the convention as we did. Over at the D&D Bus (part of the PAX scavenger hunt), we saw our share of demos, book signings, and contests—and as it turns out, D&D monsters are hard to spell. Chris Perkins also ran Acquisitions Inc. through “Prisoners of Slaughterfest” and the attempted rescue of Aeofel—we look forward to posting the video of the game in the very near future!

Wednesday, September 1

Some convention news to start the month:

From Gen Con, you can now find the video for the D&D Celebrity Game with Ed Greenwood, R.A. Salvatore and Larry Elmore (with DM Chris Perkins) on our YouTube channel.

And for PAX, we’ve mentioned Ethan Gilsdorf’s paperback edition of Fantasy Freaks and Gaming Geeks—and that he’ll be giving away copies at the show (details to follow). Well, the details are here: first, you’ll need to follow Ethan’s Twitter channel: Then at the following times, pay attention for the secret code word. If you learn it, come over to the D&D Bus and ask for your copy of his book (we’ll be giving away 4 autographed books/day, so get there as soon as you can).

1:00 PST Friday
2:00 PST Saturday
12:00 PST Sunday

Speaking of the D&D Bus: we now have pictures of its full, nostalgic glory!

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