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DnDClassics New Releases—the online PDF store containing classic content from every edition of Dungeons & Dragons including fan-favorite supplement materials and iconic adventures—continues to add new content to its virtual shelves. This one-stop-shop for D&D content offers an easy way to access and download favorite classic titles electronically by computer, mobile phone, or tablet (including iPads).

Coming to DnDClassics this week:

  • X11 Saga of the Shadow Lord (1E AD&D)
  • Player’s Secrets of Tuornen (2E Birthright)
  • DSS2 Earth, Air, Fire, and Water (2E Dark Sun)
  • Hellbound: The Blood War (2E Planescape)
  • P3 Assault on Nightwyrm Fortress (4E AD&D)

And, looking ahead to next week:

  • Psionic Artifacts of Athas (2E Dark Sun)
  • FRE1 Shadowdale (2E Forgotten Realms)
  • RA2 Ship of Horrors (2E Ravenloft)
  • SJR2 Realmspace (2E Spelljammer)
  • HS2 Orcs of Stonefang Pass (4E AD&D)

X11 Saga of the Shadow Lord

An insidious peril threatens the peaceful kingdom of Wendar. When a traitor stole the realm's greatest treasure, the magical Elvenstar, disease, drought, and famine struck the land. For the first time in decades, hostile armies were poised to invade Wendar.

Yet even greater danger looms. The traitor has delivered the magical gem into the hands of the Shadow Lord, Wendar's greatest foe. This evil being has returned from the dead to seek revenge on Wendar, and the Elvenstar is the key to an even more sinister plot.

You must evade the Shadow Lord's army, penetrate his fortress, recover the Elvenstar, and foil this heinous plan!

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