News Archive | 9/20/2013
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Final Playtest Packet

W e've made it! On September 19, we released the final packet in the public phase of the D&D Next Playtest. This playtest packet includes updates to many parts of the rules, and it includes the addition of the bard and multiclassing.

For those that have already been involved, we thank you for your invaluable involvement in the playtesting process. And of course, we continue to invite everyone to sign up and download the latest playtest materials.

To download the latest playtest packet, simply click here:

D&D Next Playtest Compatible Offerings

Although this is the final playtest package, the opportunities to try out D&D Next will continue in stores through D&D Encounters, at conventions, and through adventures such as Murder in Baldur’s Gate.

These adventures also use D&D Next or have D&D Next conversions available for download.

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