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Dungeon Magazine Sneak Peek
By Chris Perkins

Since 1986, Dungeon has provided DMs with awesome adventures of varying length and level. In the coming months, you’ll see Dungeon adventures written by both new and familiar authors, and we’re expecting lots more ideas to roll in when the next submission window opens in October. It’s a great way for new writers to get their foot in the door and the premiere source for D&D adventure content, and we aim to prove it.

Here’s some of what we’re planning to publish in the next 9–12 months of Dungeon, just to give you an exciting behind-the-scenes glimpse:

Chaos Scar Conclusion: The Chaos Scar series concludes this December with “Heart of the Scar,” a high-end heroic-tier adventure set in the fortress overlooking the meteor-carved valley. For DMs who’ve enjoyed running the adventures in this series, we hope “Heart of the Scar” is a worthy capstone for your heroic-tier campaign. And if you’re wondering what to do with your characters once they enter paragon tier, look no further!

Against the Giants: We don’t have another multi-tier Adventure Path planned, but we are releasing a 4th Edition adaptation of Against the Giants. We’ve updated all three parts of Gary Gygax’s classic “G” series and even written a fourth installment, “Warrens of the Stone Giant Thane,” to fill the level gap between “Steading of the Hill Giant Chief” and “Glacial Rift of the Frost Giant Jarl.” These giant (and I mean GIANT!) adventures should keep players occupied for the bulk of the paragon tier. By the time they reach the end, they should be 21st level—and at the end of “Hall of the Fire Giant King,” the heroes get a totally kick-ass treasure that will serve them well in the epic tier.

The Temple of Elemental Evil: Another project in the works is a prequel to Gygax’s The Temple of Elemental Evil. In this series of epic-tier adventures, the heroes fight the legendary Battle of Emredy Meadows, storm the temple at the height of its power, and try to slaughter or imprison the demonic forces lurking in the dungeon below. For the first time in the history of Dungeons & Dragons, heroes get to fight the forces of Elemental Evil head-on. We’re also planning to include options that allow characters from other worlds and timelines to be drawn into the conflict, giving DMs every reason to include this epic struggle in their home campaigns.

Adventures in the Feywild: In addition to revisiting classic Gygaxian adventures, we have one more update planned: a faithful 4th Edition adaptation of Roger E. Moore’s “The Dancing Hut.” This adventure originally appeared in Dragon many, many years ago (before there was a Dungeon magazine), and in celebration of our Feywild-themed D&D Encounters season later this year, we thought it appropriate to update this adventure as well as provide an accompanying Court of Stars article on the Mother of All Witches, the wicked archfey Baba Yaga. And that’s not all of the Feywild support we have planned. We also have an adventure called “The Unseelie Court,” which takes us deep into the Feydark (the Feywild’s reflection of the Underdark). All of this support coincides with the release of Player’s Option: Heroes of the Feywild and the Beyond the Crystal Cave season of D&D Encounters.

Upcoming Themes: In addition to revisiting some D&D classics, we have all-new adventures that support a number of upcoming issue themes. October is Kara-Tur month, and we have a compelling adventure with assassins galore called “The Five Deadly Shadows,” accompanied by articles describing a Shou town in Marsember (in the Forgotten Realms) and a Shou village in Kara-Tur. Other themes include “touch of evil,” “skullduggery,” and “gods & primordials,” and to support them we have adventures such as “Zhentarim Forever” (for evil-curious adventurers), “For the Xanathar” (set in the pirate city of Skullport), and “Drums of Thunder” (an epic elemental romp pitting the heroes against powerful primordial titans).

D&D Encounters Extensions: We also have several fun low-level adventures planned, including a couple of extensions to upcoming D&D Encounters seasons. Our next one is a mystery set in Neverwinter called “That Which Never Sleeps,” which follows hot on the heels of The Lost Crown of Neverwinter season and pits the heroes against a monstrous aboleth that’s driving the citizens of Neverwinter mad.

Campaign Setting Support: In addition to our monthly “Eye on . . .” columns by Ed Greenwood, Keith Baker, and Rodney Thompson, we have meatier articles and adventures planned for some of our most popular campaign settings. In addition to Forgotten Realms adventures, we have Moonshae and Skullport mini-campaign guides and articles exploring Suzail and the royal court of Cormyr. Work has begun on an Eberron adventure called “Dead for a Spell,” which begins with a murder in Sharn and places the heroes at the heart of a conspiracy with roots tracing back to the Last War and implications that could shatter the Treaty of Thronehold and ignite tensions across the Five Nations. Meanwhile, fans of Dark Sun can look forward to “The Tsalaxa Vendetta,” which pits heroes against the most ruthless merchant house in Draj.

Popular Columns: Our new “Tavern Profile” series continues with an in-depth exploration of a tavern situated near a fey crossing, and a tavern strapped to the back of a gigantic plane-hopping dragon. And keep your eye open for the “Ecology of the Banderhobb,” “Codex of Betrayal: Glasya,” and “Lords of Chaos: Olhydra and Yan-C-Bin” (modeled after the Imix and Ogrémoch entries in Monster Manual 3).

Great Villains: Other villains you might see in upcoming issues include a blind beholder, a werewolf pack, djinni sky bandits, an indestructible tiefling sociopath, a blackguard and his succubus concubine, Blibdoolpoolp, drow, evil apothecaries, a githyanki astral pirate, a ghost kraken, and a gnome with a giant crush. Last but not least, Dungeon celebrates its 200th issue next March, and among the many surprises, we’re planning to resurrect an old enemy who has threatened adventurers many times over the years. If you guessed Flame the red dragon, you are correct! Flame first appeared in Issue #1’s “Into the Fire,” resurfaced in Issue #17’s “Out of the Ashes,” and made his last appearance in Issue #100’s “Old Embers Never Die.” It’s been one hundred issues, and he still has a bone to pick with adventurers.

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