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The Game Train Rides Again!

Last year, four employees from Wizards of the Coast set out on an epic journey across the rugged northern wastes of the United States, braving the train’s comfortable sleeper cars and tasty meals on their way to Gen Con. This year, the game train rides again.

The game train is 45 hours and 15 minutes of pure, undiluted gaming, in preparation for Gen Con. After all, what’s a little additional sleep deprivation on the road to the best four days in gaming?

The train is Amtrak’s Empire Builder, departing Seattle, Washington on Friday, July 29 at 4:40 PM and arriving in Chicago on Sunday, July 31 at 3:55 PM.

Along the way, we’ll be previewing new products, such as The Legend of Drizzt Board Game, and events like D&D Neverwinter Game Day. We’ll be tweeting and posting videos, so you can keep up to date as Drizzt puts the smackdown on Jarlaxle, or as Thayan necromancers attempt to thwart intrepid adventurers in the streets of Neverwinter.

And the best part? You’ll get an early glimpse at how Neverwinter will be brought to life through the mass adventure experience that Wizards of the Coast will be offering at Gen Con.

To keep up with the events, you can follow #gametrain on Twitter, or become a fan of Dungeons & Dragons on facebook. In addition, you can follow @Wizards_DnD or the following people on Twitter. They’ll be on the game train, providing up-to-date accounts of their experiences.


    Greg Bilsland

    Pete Lee

    Michael Robles

    Rodney Thompson

    Chris Tulach


    D&D Producer

    D&D Board Game Designer

    Community Manager

    D&D Tabletop Games Manager

    Organized Play







The gaming doesn’t stop when we reach Chicago, though. There, our five Wizards of the Coast staff members will be making an appearance at the Dice Dojo on August 1, from 6:00 to 8:00 PM. They’ll be available to talk shop about D&D, discuss all things Neverwinter, and describe what’s happening at Gen Con Indy.

If you’re in the area, you won’t want to miss it.

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