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Bart Carroll

Hi folks,

Pop quiz: It’s Thursday. What article can you expect to find on the Dungeons & Dragons website? If the answer is, you have no idea (until you check our editorial calendar), you’re not alone.

Our website has, for a great many years, planned its content on a monthly basis. To a certain extent, this made a lot of sense. Our products and novels release monthly, as do Dragon and Dungeon magazines, so why wouldn’t we publish our online content around a consistent monthly schedule?

Here’s one drawback. A monthly schedule—while useful in some ways—can offer fairly sporadic content. Even our most regular features, our columns, are published only once a month.

We feel we can do a better job communicating more regularly and consistently. To this end, we’re planning to bring a series of regular, weekly columns to the site. They’ll be free and in addition to the content we’re currently providing. Our goal with these columns is to create an ongoing dialogue with D&D fans, presenting thoughts and ideas that we feel are touchstones for segments of the community, and helping spark discussion on topics of interest to you.

What columns are we adding? Here they are:

Legends & Lore: Each week, RPG Group Manager Mike Mearls will examine certain elements behind D&D’s past editions and influences, and how they inform the game today. Think of this one as game theory.

The Dungeon Master Experience: D&D Senior Producer Chris Perkins will use his ongoing home campaign as a tool to give Dungeon Masters awesome ideas and hooks for their home campaigns. Think of this one as game practice.

Design & Development: Not a new column, but it will increase in frequency from monthly to weekly. We’ll be looking around the entire R&D department to find contributors best suited to handle each topic.

Rule-of-Three: Our community team will regularly round up three questions from you, the player community (the details of how will announced shortly). Again, we’ll convene all of R&D to bring you answers to your questions—every week.

Finally, we have one column that remains to be determined. We’d like to experiment with a number of ideas, see what works and what doesn’t, and hear from you about what else you’d like to see fill this spot.

We hope you find these columns useful, compelling, and a better conduit between us here in R&D and the player community. We look forward to sharing them with you in the coming weeks! As always, we welcome your thoughts and feedback at

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