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Dungeon 172D&D Insider Article

This month in Dungeon, the Scales of War Adventure Path continues -- Bahamut has fallen and the war seems lost. Plus, a gang of halfling cutthroats has claimed an old mine stake and begun staging raids on passing caravans; giant ants and other terrors from the Chaos Scar have been swarming from a new nest; and, known also as the Blood Storm, the demon prince Codricuhn climbs slowly and inexorably up through the Abyss -- if he reaches the top, some say, he will rupture the world. Here now are a full set of the maps (tagged and untagged) from Dungeon 172!

A special thanks goes to Jon Schindehette, art director for Dungeon Magazine, plus artists and cartographers Patrick McEvoy, Sean MacDonald, Adam Paquette, Jared Blando, Rick Sardinha, Jorge Lacera, Wayne England, Rob Alexander, Christopher Burdett, Christine MacTernan, Mike Schley, William O'Connor.

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