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Elemental Rewards
Heroes of the Elemental Chaos Excerpts
Bart Carroll

M asters of fire and earth. Lords of air and water. Heroes of the Elemental Chaos is the definitive sourcebook for creating and playing characters with ties to the Elemental Chaos and the primordial beings that dwell there. It shows how the elements can influence heroes of the natural world and presents elemental-themed character options for players.

Elemental energy emanates from the Plane Below, spreading into other planes, carried on eldritch winds to manifest in arcane spells, the thunder in the heavens, and in the races and creatures influenced by the plane's nature. This energy could lurk in a magic treasure wrested from a dragon's lair or might be bestowed after a person achieves a task important to a powerful elemental entity. This section provides a selection of magic rewards that adventurers might earn during their adventurers.

The magic of the Plane Below touches many items. The sword that erupts in flames must draw those flames from somewhere. The boots that lift a hero into the air might derive their power from elemental air. While many well-known items bear the plane's hallmarks, certain items display strong elemental ties, perhaps from being lost in the Plane Below for ages. Other items might have been forged on that plane by elemental hands, while some magic objects are relics from a forgotten age, perhaps used in the war for creation that marked the end of the primordials' influence.


Magic armor imbued with elemental power affords some protection against elemental energy or channels it in useful ways.

Brassburn Armor

Forged in the fabled City of Brass, brassburn armor protects mercenaries who fight for efreets and who lack the elemental resistance possessed by many of the efreets' warriors.


Forges far and wide across the Elemental Chaos produce powerful weapons used by the plane's mightiest champions.

Tidal Weapon

A tidal weapon has a hollow head filled with elemental water, which is imbued with magic able to harness tidal forces. Each swing from the weapon carries you deeper into battle, and when you recover from your injuries, the hammer drags another foe forward to face your fury.

Elemental Gifts

Elemental spirits and other entities sometimes reward powerful servants with control over the elements. An adventurer might earn an elemental gift by communing with such an entity, finding a font of elemental energy, or being exposed to some planar catastrophe involving the Elemental Chaos.

These elemental gifts are alternative rewards, which function as magic items that do not occupy an item slot and that typically fade after five levels (see Dungeon Master's Guide 2).

Gift of Chaos

Only lunatics seek out the gift of chaos, for its blessings are strange, random, and sometimes dangerous. Heroes sometimes acquire this elemental gift after defeating a powerful slaad or exploring a site rich in chaotic magic.

Primordial Shards

Relics from the Dawn War lie scattered across the planes. Some objects are strange and inscrutable, their purpose and function long forgotten; others hum with elemental power, offering much to a passerby who happens to claim them.

A primordial shard is a crystalline sliver, usually no more than two inches in length, imbued with elemental energy. A character uses a primordial shard by carrying it somewhere close to his or her body or by embedding it in the skin. Primordial shards transform their wielders into elemental creatures and improve their bearer's control over the most common forms of elemental magic.

A character can benefit from only one primordial shard at a time.

Pale Tooth

Legend holds that Cryonax, the nearly forgotten prince of elemental cold, shattered his teeth on
Moradin's armor when the two fought on a now-forgotten mountaintop. It's said these jagged remnants litter the ground there still.

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