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Feywild Items
Heroes of the Feywild Excerpts
Bart Carroll

Feywild Gear

In the Feywild, magic is so common that extraordinary items imbued with a small amount of magic can seem ordinary to that realm's inhabitants. The following items can be purchased in the Feywild as easily as mundane items can be acquired in the world.

Although they contain Feywild magic, these items aren't powerful enough to be wondrous items, and they are usually made by crafters who do not have the ability to enchant magic items. The items' magic is instead imparted through their crafting techniques or through the nature of their source material.

Cockatrice Venom
Organic materials coated in cockatrice venom slowly turn to stone over the course of 4 hours. One dose is enough to turn a single, handheld object to stone. Creatures in contact with the venom do not fully turn to stone, but the venom does petrify the surface area of a creature's body that comes into contact with it, giving that area a stone-like appearance for a few minutes. Potters, sculptors, and other artisans who need to quickly set their work into a permanent state often use the venom.

Doppelganger Mask
Gnome artists excel at crafting duplicates of creatures' faces and making them into masks. Not actually magical in construction, a doppelganger mask is so well crafted that it makes its wearer resemble one particular creature, usually as designated by the artist's patron. One of these masks attaches tightly to the face of any creature that dons it, allowing the wearer to perfectly adopt the features of the creature that the mask depicts. A creature wearing a doppelganger mask gains a +5 bonus to Bluff checks to disguise itself as the kind of creature the mask depicts, as long as the wearer's body generally resembles that of such a creature.

A doppelganger mask tears apart when removed from the face, so each can be used only once. Spies and members of the Unseelie underworld often use them, and some masks make their way to criminal organizations in the natural world.

Gray Rain Cloak
A garment of this sort, made from the substance of a rainy Feywild afternoon, is created through the performance of a minor ritual. The garment looks and feels like a normal wool cloak, except that it keeps its wearer completely dry in the rain. When the cloak is spread out on the ground, it becomes a puddle of pure rainwater. You can turn the pool back into a cloak again by grabbing the water (a minor action), or water can be taken from the pool using a cup or a similar vessel. Doing so gradually uses up the cloak's material, making it shorter every time it reverts to a garment, until nothing is left of it after 2 gallons of its water are consumed.

Screaming Scarecrow
Although hags originally created scarecrows, gnomes stole the idea and adapted it to their purposes. When a creature within 4 squares of a screaming scarecrow triggers a condition that was set when the scarecrow is placed (such as "a creature passes through the area without saying a password," or "a human enters the area"), the scarecrow begins to scream. When this happens, any other screaming scarecrow within 50 feet of it also begins to scream.

If a creature attempts to use Stealth to bypass a screaming scarecrow, the scarecrow uses the passive Perception of the creature that placed it, with a +10 bonus. Many fey use screaming scarecrows as an efficient alarm system.

Magic Items

The following magic items were originally created in the Feywild and are often in the possession of those from the fey realm.

Hag's Doorknob
Many a gnome has been known to steal the doorknob from a hag's dwelling as a prank. After tampering a bit with the knob's enchantments, the prankster then quickly sells it, not wanting to be caught by the dwelling's owner.

When one of these doorknobs is placed against a wall no more than 10 feet thick, it attaches to the wall and creates a temporary door leading to the area on the other side of the wall, allowing easy passage back and forth through it.

Fey Magic Gifts

The Feywild's inhabitants, particularly those of a civilization that stretches back for millennia (such as the eladrin), are masters of a unique form of magic known as fey magic. Many practitioners of the craft consider it less powerful than other forms of magic, seeing it as more utilitarian in nature. Even so, those who understand fey magic keep its lore and knowledge hidden from those in the world. They sometimes reward mortals who have traveled to the Feywild and performed services for them with this knowledge, which they consider a gift.

A fey magic gift is like a magic item in many ways. However, it occupies no magic item slot, and an individual can have and use as many fey magic gifts as he or she can acquire. Most fey magic gifts can be obtained only in the Feywild, where they often change hands as a part of a bargain between an adventurer and a powerful fey creature.

Fey magic gifts cannot be sold the way that magic items can be, for they are bestowed powers, not items. Some fey creatures might be able to remove a fey magic gift as part of a trade for some other favor.

Scent of Gold
A favorite trick mastered by gnomes during their days of enslavement, this gift allows you to actually sniff out gold and other treasures. Thieves from the natural world often seek out fey creatures that can bestow this gift, which allows them to quickly locate valuables at the sites they are robbing.

Speak with Sentinels
Most people consider inanimate statues and scarecrows barely worth paying attention to—an assumption that fey creatures use to their advantage. This gift allows you to speak with these objects as if they were alive, gleaning valuable information about what they have witnessed in recent hours.

Bart Carroll
Bart Carroll has been a part of Wizards of the Coast since 2004, and a D&D player since 1980 (and has fond memories of coloring the illustrations in his 1st Edition Monster Manual). He currently works as producer for the D&D website. You can find him on Twitter (@bart_carroll) and at bartjcarroll.com.
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