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Free the Captives
Wrath of Ashardalon Excerpts

The lands around Firestorm Peak have grown restless. The few villages near the volcano have been besieged by marauding bands of orcs and kobolds, and more dangerous horrors lurk in the shadows. Worst of all, a new villain calls the mountain home—the terrifying red dragon Ashardalon has turned the volcano into its lair.

Hope appears in the form of a band of Adventurers that arrive in the village of Longbridge, hidden away in the foothills of Firestorm Peak. They are welcomed, but the village elders have little hope that their plight will change. Brave Heroes regularly attempt to destroy the evil within Firestorm Peak, but none have ever returned from the dungeon beneath the volcano. Perhaps these new Heroes will be the ones to stop the red dragon Ashardalon and save the village of Longbridge….

In today’s preview, we wanted to showcase another scenario from Wrath of Ashardalon, including new optional rules unique to this board game.

Adventure 8: Free the Captives

The duergar clans have taken many captives from the lands around the village of Longbridge, using them to work the mines beneath Firestorm Peak.

Goal: Find the duergar prison and free the captives.

When you start the adventure, read:
Villagers have disappeared each time the marauding bands of monsters attacked Longbridge. This time, you track the raiders to a dungeon entrance in the volcano’s foothills....

(2.6 Mbs PDF)

Rules: Doors

Some Dungeon Tiles have an open door symbol. When an Adventure uses the door rules and you draw a tile with an open door, place the top Closed Door token on the symbol. A Hero that is in a square adjacent to a Closed Door token can try to open the door. Reveal what type of door it is by turning over the token. There are 3 types of doors:

  • Unlocked: When you reveal an Unlocked Door, discard the Closed Door token.
  • Trapped: When you reveal a Trapped Door, each Hero adjacent to the Closed Door token immediately takes 1 damage. Then discard the Closed Door token.
  • Locked: When you reveal a Locked Door, place the face-up token back on the Dungeon Tile. While a Hero is adjacent to a Locked Door, he or she can attempt to unlock the door instead of attacking. If you roll a 10 or higher, you unlock the door. Discard the Closed Door token.

Sample Villagers and Rewards

Following are sample Villager Adventure cards, pertaining to the adventure:

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