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Steading of the Iron King
Gamma World Excerpts

It started a month ago. A robot rolled down from the foothills to the village edge. The Ancient device buzzed and blinked, then blew up.

The same thing happened the next day, and the next, and almost every day since. However, on at least four occasions, a robot succeeded in reaching the village periphery, buzzed, blinked, and fired a rocket at the wall (without much effect).

What the heck is going on up in the foothills?

"Steading of the Iron King" is a D&D Gamma World adventure for five 1st-level characters.

Adventure Synopsis

Characters who backtrack the rudely behaving robots to their source discover a badder steading—a sturdy stone tower built over a large underground warren. Determined adventurers can force their way into the steading, penetrate the tunnels beneath, and ultimately find the entrance to the buried installation from which the robots emerge.

The subterranean installation is partly controlled by the hoop mastermind calling itself the Iron King and defended by its warriors and mercenaries. However, some of the installation remains outside the hoop’s control. Its attempts to master the computer-controlled installation accidentally initiated the automated robot manufactory, which began spitting out defense bots of imperfect design. Rather than deal with the potentially dangerous automatons, the hoop funnels each day’s newly created robot along a path leading out of the installation, and the badders make sure it exits safely.

With perseverance, the adventurers can advance through the installation and defeat the hoop mastermind—assuming they can avoid being dropped in a vat of wild nano.

When the characters first see the tower, read:

The old trail you discovered while backtracking the robots’ trail skirts a glowing crater. It ends at the base of a rough-hewn stone tower, where badders carrying crossbows stand watch, supported by porkers carrying flails.

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