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Monster: Eradicator Mk3
Gamma World Excerpts

Gamma Terra is sick with mutants, monsters, killer robots, and dimension-hopping aliens. Most would as soon use your skin for a coat as look at you, so it’s usually better to shoot first and determine what you were aiming at after the radiation level drops off.

The chaos of collapsed time lines, lethal radiation, toxic sludge, and super-science weapons gone astray has pushed most beings to the brink of extinction. Those who have survived did so through superior genes, accidental mutation, or beneficial time line flux. Now, hundreds of years after the event that decimated the civilization of the Ancients (the Big Mistake), monsters roam the world.

Some wander the wastes, other s prowl the ruins of cities, and a few reside in Ancient bunkers, still on guard despite centuries of inactivity.

Robot, Eradicator Mk3

Another kid-tested, mom-approved product from your friends at the StupendiCo Corporation!

Eradicator-class robots are powerful war machines designed to defend crucial installations and provide battlefield security. They’re fitted with an impressive arsenals of lasers, grenades, and other implements of mayhem. Many have accumulated serious programming errors and logic-processor damage over the years, making them unpredictable at best; approach with care.

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