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Grandmaster of Flowers
Psionic Power Excerpts

Your epic destiny demonstrates a greater awareness of yourself, your purpose, and your place in the cosmos. Pursuing a psionic epic destiny sets you on a path that will ultimately free you from the constraints of reality—transcending mere immortality as you become one with the power within you. In today's Psionic Power excerpt, we present a new epic destony with a long history in the game: the grandmaster of flowers.

Grandmaster of Flowers

You have lived your final lifetime and achieved the enlightened perfection you have long sought.

Prerequisite: 21st level, monk

It is said that not even the gods themselves know what lies in store for souls loosed from their bodies. You believe that beyond death is rebirth. Each lifetime is spent improving on the lifetime before, shedding imperfections in the hope of attaining the perfect state of enlightenment.

Your soul is like a great garden, and its beauty and perfection depend on how you tend it during all seasons. When the winter of death approaches, the garden becomes dormant for a time. Then, as the warm winds chase away snow and ice, new life begins. With the spring comes the chance to clear away the detritus and weeds of each life that has passed before. Only when you achieve perfection in your soul will you find the enlightenment that is your ultimate reward.

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