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You are the invincible warrior, turning aside an enemy’s attack using only a single thought. You are the tireless champion, standing fast in the thick of battle as your foes fall to the power of your mind. You are the wild berserker, channeling your pain into a counterstrike that leaves the strongest enemy reeling. You are the battlemind—a warrior of thought and action, whose physical and mental fortitude are the equal of any foe.

Your combat prowess alone would make you a formidable opponent. But it is your mastery of psionics that grants you your edge in combat. You call on the power within to tear into an opponent’s mind, unearthing its secrets. You anticipate and avoid your foes’ attacks, then deliver a punishing response that batters both body and mind. Psionic power is not merely an accessory to your armament—it is the foundation of your combat skill. In today's Psionic Power excerpt, we present a new build for the battlemind: the Harrier Battlemind.

"Magic and steel are a fool’s weapons, for no attack will ever breach the armor of my mind."

Half a dozen lightly armored figures lay scattered across the sun-baked grass, groaning as they cradled bruised limbs and ringing heads. Beneath the watchful gaze of Captain Halmont, half a dozen more battled back and forth across the field. Five of them gave thanks to Kord and Erathis that they were fighting with wooden practice blades. The sixth tried to smother her disappointment.

Imarra swept through her foes like a subversive thought, her feet scarcely seeming to touch the ground. Her wooden longsword cracked into one warrior’s ribs as she spun, but it was far more than the force of the blow that drove him backward. Imarra felt the power flowing through her limbs, riding the wake of her own elation. A feeling of ecstasy.

One of the guards raised his blade, but even before he could begin to bring it down, Imarra had stepped around him, her own sword grazing the small of his back. He shuddered at the touch—not of her blade, but of her mind. As he collapsed in a gibbering heap, two of the others lunged at her, but Imarra was already gone, seeming to vanish for an instant before she reappeared behind them. Two more quick spins, a leap that should have required wings, a thrust swifter than sight, and she stood alone on the field.

Casually dropping her battered blade atop the last fallen guard, she sauntered over to the table at the edge of the field, stopping to meet Captain Halmont’s dark stare.

“My best soldier couldn’t have done that,” he murmured.

Imarra stooped to retrieve her scabbard where it lay beside him. She grinned as she turned for the barracks. “Actually, your best soldier just did.”

Each individual battlemind’s training and outlook are unique. Rejecting formal study, most battleminds borrow fighting forms from enemies and allies alike, combining several disparate styles into a single devastating technique. Whatever path your battlemind character takes, chapter 2 of Psionic Power offers new options to let you sow discord and destruction among your foes.

  • Playing a Battlemind: An overview of the battlemind’s place at the table and in the world of the game.
  • New Build and Class Feature: The harrier battlemind shapes time and space in the thick of combat. Your persistent harrier class feature lets you cross the field in the blink of an eye, evading attacks and redirecting the fight against vulnerable foes.
  • New Powers: A host of new battlemind disciplines let you draw on psionic power to shape your attacks and the state of the battlefield itself.
  • New Paragon Paths: The five new paragon paths introduced in this chapter give battlemind characters the option of honing the speed of their assault, assuming the strength of ageless stone, or using the mind to harness the power of the storm.

New Build: Harrier Battlemind

Time and space are inconstant. The world around you is mutable and fully within your power to alter as you need. Even a minor adjustment to the fabric of reality creates spectacular changes in the heat of combat, allowing you to move in the blink of an eye or to slow an enemy’s attempt to raise its weapon and block your incoming attack. You wield psionic energy to alter fate and circumstance, darting into the near future or stepping into the past to shape the outcome of the moment before you.

As a harrier battlemind, you are unfettered in combat. You might streak across the field to crash into your enemies, then dart away before they can mount a counterstrike. You harry your foes with such speed that they quickly lose track of you. As your mastery grows, you can even shape time during battle, striking, disappearing, then striking again. Your desperate enemies can only guess where you might attack from next.

Although many battleminds focus their efforts against a single enemy at a time, you prefer to strike multiple foes at once, thwarting their tactics and sowing frustration to give you and your allies an edge.

New Class Feature

When you choose your Psionic Study, you can choose Persistent Harrier instead of another option such as those in Player’s Handbook 3.

Persistent Harrier: You gain the persistent harrier power, which reflects the ease with which you can out-maneuver your opponents.

Persistent Harrier
Battlemind Feature
You slip the bonds of space to strike back at even a distant opponent.
EncounterPsionic, Teleportation, Weapon
Immediate Reaction Melee weapon
Trigger: An enemy hits or misses you with an attack for the first time during an encounter
Target: The triggering enemy
Special: You can attack the target with this melee attack even if the target is outside your melee reach.
Attack: Constitution vs. AC
Hit: 1[W] + Constitution modifier damage, and you teleport to a square adjacent to the enemy.

Suggested Options

As a harrier battlemind, you move with ease across the battlefield, whether taking the fight to your enemies or falling back to draw them closer to you. Choose powers that facilitate movement, with teleportation powers being the most important. Your secondary role is controller, which can be strengthened by area powers that manipulate or hamper your opponents. Your feat selection should improve your defenses and mobility.

Make Constitution your highest ability score. Dexterity should be your second-highest score, getting you into the fight quickly and letting you avoid heavy armor to keep moving at full speed in combat. A high Wisdom allows you to improve your battlefield awareness, and Charisma remains important for the many battlemind disciplines that rely on that skill.

Suggested Class Feature: Persistent Harrier
Suggested Feat: Harrying Step*
Suggested Skills: Athletics, Endurance, Insight
Suggested At-Will Powers: renewed focus*, worldslipping advance*
Suggested Daily Power: accelerating strike*
*New option presented in Psionic Power.

Renewed Focus
Battlemind Attack 1
By the power of your mind, you shrug off effects that would keep you away from your foes.
At-WillAugmentable, Psionic, Weapon
Standard Action Melee weapon
Target: One creature
Attack: Constitution vs. AC
Hit: 1[W] + Constitution modifier damage. You are no longer marked or slowed, and you cannot be marked or slowed until the end of your next turn.
Augment 1
Hit: 1[W] + Constitution modifier damage. You and allies within 5 squares of you are no longer marked or slowed, and cannot be marked or slowed until the end of your next turn.
Augment 2
Hit: 2[W] + Constitution modifier damage. You are no longer immobilized, marked, or slowed, and you cannot be immobilized, marked, or slowed until the end of your next turn.

Accelerating Strike
Battlemind Attack 1
When you surge toward a foe, the momentum of your attack carries you through the rest of combat.
DailyPsionic, Weapon
Standard Action Melee weapon
Effect: Before the attack, you shift your speed. You can move through enemies’ spaces during this movement.
Target: One creature
Attack: Constitution vs. AC. You have combat advantage for this attack.
Hit: 2[W] + Constitution modifier damage. Your movement does not provoke opportunity attacks from the target until the end of the encounter.
Miss: Half damage.
Effect: Until the end of the encounter, you gain a +2 power bonus to speed. In addition, when you shift, you shift 1 extra square.

Subjective Gravity
Battlemind Utility 10
By altering reality, you ignore the effects of gravity as you move.
DailyPsionic, Stance
Minor Action Personal
Effect: Until the stance ends, you can move across any horizontal or vertical surface without having to climb. You can walk on walls and ceilings as if they were floors. You fall if you end the stance while on a surface on which you could not normally stand.

Monday: "An existence unburdened by limitation demands harmony among body, spirit, and mind."

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