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Psionic Power Excerpts

For the ardent, emotions are more than mere sensation. Emotion is a weapon you can wield and a tool with which the world can be remade. You draw power from your experience, taking advantage of your joy, your courage, and even your fear. You call on the power of your psionics by focusing your mental state, weaving emotion into a complex web or inflaming your passions through sheer force of will. Just as you channel this power, you are also a conduit for it. Sensing the emotions of allies and enemies alike, you manipulate them to suit your purpose with a deft mental touch.

Those who stand at your side are strengthened by the power that flows from you. Your enemies find their own bravery withering, their plans confused and their hopes shattered by the strength of your mental resolve. But the psionic power you wield comes at a price. Fear and doubt, dark thoughts and anger can all cloud your concentration. In today's Psionic Power excerpt, we present a new paragon path for the ardent: the Anarchic Adept.

"My joy is your anguish. My courage is your fear. My path to victory lies within your mind."

Fear. Fear so thick, it might as well have been perfume.

Oh, it wasn’t just fear. These thugs worked as leg-breakers and enforcers for the thieves’ guild. And this was their home turf. Even now, Thalvos couldn’t be certain which of the various patrons in the common room were genuine drunks, and which were hunting him and his companions.

But they were here somewhere. This much he knew. He felt them. And there, beneath the light spice of exhilaration and a smattering of anger, the main dish was definitely fear. They knew that Thalvos and his companions had already slain a dozen members of their guild, and despite their confidence, they worried that they might be next. It would be a shame to disappoint them.

Thalvos coughed into his ale, spraying foam across his thick beard as he struggled to maintain control, fighting the urge to giggle uncontrollably. They made it so easy. . . .

Even as he rose from his chair, he grabbed at their fear like a child catching snowflakes. He swirled it around in his mind, tasting it, transforming it. And he wondered, as he cast that emotional energy out as easily as he’d taken it in, if the thugs would recognize their own terror coating the blades that would soon be raised against them.

However you master the energy of emotion and the mind, chapter 1 of Psionic Power contains a wealth of information to support your ardent character.

  • Playing an Ardent: The ardent’s place in the world, and how this information can enrich your play.
  • New Build and Class Feature: The impetuous ardent rejects the traps of sorrow and fear by sheer strength of will, overcoming doubt and hesitation to seize the advantage on the battlefield. Mantle of Impulsiveness allows you to turn an enemy’s wrath into renewed resolve for you and your allies.
  • New Powers: You can read your enemies’ fear and use it as a weapon, or impel your allies to access unseen reserves of strength. This chapter supports all ardent builds with powers that strengthen your allies and let you stand against increasingly powerful foes.
  • New Paragon Paths: Six new ardent paragon paths allow you to draw power from raw chaos, to unlock the full potential of you and your allies, and to destroy your enemies in body and mind.

Anarchic Adept

“I see the order within uncertainty; I touch the chaos within law. I stand in both worlds as master of order and disorder.”

Prerequisite: Ardent

As your psionic talent matures, you find yourself focusing on the disparate nature of the disciplines you master. Focusing your thought on the edge of unpredictability in your training, you discover the latent chaos flowing through your magic. Through trial and error, you learned to master the chaos latent within your powers and unleash it against your enemies. Drawing on the power of chaos can be dangerous, but you are up to any risk you might face.

(624 Kbs PDF)

Friday: "Magic and steel are a fool’s weapons, for no attack will ever breach the armor of my mind."

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