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Abysm's Screaming Jungle
Demonomicon Excerpts

Mirroring its demon lord’s dual nature, Abysm is a realm divided. Its most prominent feature is a primeval forest dotted by impenetrable swamps—the Screaming Jungle, 90th layer of the Abyss. In today's Demonomicon excerpt, we explore this primeval dark continent covered in dense rainforest, the Screaming Jungle, named for the constant keening of its fiendish wildlife.


Overhead stretches a roiling olive sky of thick clouds and alien moons. All creatures here bow down before the might of Demogorgon, the Sibilant Beast and Prince of Demons. Even the unknowable Dagon, who lurks in the depths of the Shadowsea, makes no challenge to Demogorgon’s control of this realm.

Near the coast of the Gaping Maw, the jungle thins into a fetid bog. Farther inland, the ground hardens and the canopy grows dangerously lush. Malevolent flora and fauna abound here, lurking beneath a forest canopy so thick that the jungle floor is perpetually cloaked in darkness. This 90th layer of the Abyss is home to the most feral of Demogorgon’s servitors, exemplifying his aspect as a force of primal strength and brutality.

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Friday: A reeking saltwater fen floods the fields of a once-bountiful land, its wasted crops rotting where they stand. Beyond the remains of the only town that still clings to life here, the mouth of a cave vomits forth a bloody tide of brine. A shrieking wind screams a challenge to the heroes—calling out with the voice of Demogorgon.

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