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Apocalypse Spell
Monster Manual 3 Excerpts

Over the ages, a few spells of epic magnitude have reverberated throughout history. Spells that provide enough power to slay gods, bind primordials, annihilate empires, and create astral dominions leave behind some of their essence. In today's Monster Manual 3 excerpt, that essence can form a living spell, which stalks the universe and destroys everything in its path. Some of these spells become adaptive, learning from millennia of experience and gaining the intelligence to conspire with like-minded creatures.


Arcana DC 32: Apocalypse spells are spontaneous creations; each spell has simple motivations associated with the source of its creation.

Apocalypse spells can be controlled through rituals, powerful artifacts, and cunning persuasion. Carefully controlled apocalypse spells have wrought the destruction of empires. Scholars speculate that one of the creatures was present at the fall of Bael Turath. According to ancient scrolls, the creature’s controller lost hold of the monster, and the spell rampaged across the remnants of both Bael Turath and Arkhosia.

Other creatures seek to harness the power of apocalypse spells to turn the tide of battle or seize neighboring lands. The forsaken, a group of powerful humanoids that loathe the gods, comb the universe in search of apocalypse spells. It is whispered that they possess a relic from the dawn of creation that allows them to maintain control of numerous apocalypse spells at once.

Herald of Colorless Fire

Legends tell of a colossal war that ended with the annihilation of an empire. After a long struggle, one faction used a mighty ritual infused with divine power to rain colorless fire on its enemy’s lands. It turned an entire civilization into a sea of ash and dust. The downpour eventually ended, but the power remained in the motes of ash and dust, and soon heralds of colorless fire began emerging to wander the planes.

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Monday: A tempestuous realm where demons carve out empires, the Abyss is home to fiends of every kind, including the dark goddess of the drow, Lolth.

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