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The Hand of the Monolith
Plane Above Excerpts

In today's Plane Above excerpt, we continue to explore Erishani. This first encounter of a 3-encounter adventure, the Golden Monolith of Erishani has spent untold ages marking the spot where the primordials and the gods clashed—never stirring . . . until now..

Encounter 1: The Hand of the Monolith

As the characters arrive on top of the hand, read:

On the back of the great statue’s hand stands an eladrin wizard. A circle of burning runes revolves around him, as do three shadowy, wraithlike duplicate images of him. You can see demonic forms writhing in agony in the cloud of magic, as the lich drains their essence to power his ritual.

The lich and his vestiges are not alone. At his side stands a hulking hyena-faced demon with giant pincers and two six-armed creatures that are half snakes, half eerily beautiful female humans. Their eyes are blank and vacant—clearly, they are being magically controlled.

"More sources," croaks the wizard in a voice from beyond the grave. He smiles cruelly as he points at you. "Bring their corpses to me!"

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Hand of the Monolith

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