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Player's Handbook 3 Excerpts: The Seeker

In today's Player's Handbook 3 preview, we look at the seeker, including a new paragon path in which you can learn the skills of the intercepting shot, pinning action, and the storm of the five spirits.

The Seeker

Seekers are primal champions who scour the wilderness in search of those who would defile it. Versed in hunting techniques handed down through the generations, seekers combine thrown weapon and bow techniques with primal evocations. The combination allows seekers great range in which to deliver deadly attacks that confound and hamper their enemies. When a seeker looses a missile, the primal spirits bound to it through ancient evocations are freed, sometimes as terrifying beasts and sometimes as nature’s raw destructive potential.

As a seeker, you are both a hunter and a mystic. You attune yourself to the wilderness you call your home, but you are equally tied to the spirits that dwell in the world around you. With your people’s traditions and whispered advice from the spirits, you navigate the wilds with ease, at home in that environment as any beast. If an enemy appears, you have nothing to fear, both because you have mastered your weapons and because the spirits to whom you have bound yourself add their savage might to your attacks. Whether you use lightning strikes, grasping vines, or spectral beasts, your enemies cannot stand against your assault.

Seven Fates Archer

“Go forth, spirits, and make true the portents of my enemies’ defeat.”

Prerequisite: Seeker

Spirits are everywhere in the world, from haunted forests to windswept mountains. These entities can be nothing more than wild emotions given half-realized form, or they can possess vast intelligence, with memories stretching back to the world’s earliest days. You turn to these spirits to help you protect the world, drawing from their vast and mysterious power to glimpse your enemies’ fates and bring about their final ends.

Communing with the land’s spirits reveals possible futures, from which you pluck the strands of fate that coincide best with your travels, and you weave those strands into your bowstring. Arrows fired from the bow carry with them the fates your enemies deserve.

This paragon path is one of guardianship. Just as you can harry enemies by loosing spirits at them, so too can you alter the fates of those around you. These techniques help keep your allies from harm, even as you frustrate and confound your foes.

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