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Martial Power 2 Excerpts: Epic Destiny

In today's Martial Power 2 preview, we look at a new epic martial epic destiny -- forged with armor, sword, or arrow. Pursue a path of martial excellence and gain acclaim as an unstoppable combat force.

Legendary Sovereign

You are the long-awaited monarch destined to lead your people into a glorious golden age.

Prerequisite: 21st level; fighter, paladin, ranger, or warlord

Legendary sovereigns come to power in a variety of ways. Some are born to royalty—the scions of existing dynasties. These sovereigns reverse the flagging fortunes of their homelands, defeat ancestral enemies, or usher in ages of expansion and prosperity. Other sovereigns establish new dynasties, building monarchies to heal a land or carve a new kingdom out of the wilderness. A few legendary sovereigns seize power by deposing tyrants and leading nations to freedom. Finally, a handful of legendary sovereigns win their thrones by acclaim. They are chosen by the people to take up the mantle of leadership after performing deeds of renown and demonstrating wisdom and courage.

In the days before acceding to your throne, you won ever-growing renown throughout the land you were destined to rule. An anonymous adventurer in other lands, you were a hero to the people of your home. People crowded the streets to catch a glimpse of you. You accrued accolades, honors, and titles, and the people began to wonder whether you might someday claim the throne. As threats arose, the people of the land sought your opinions and counsel. They treated you as a great leader, and soon, your destiny to become a lord was apparent.

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