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Excerpts: Underdark: Mind Flayer Tormentor

In today's Underdark preview, we meet one of the inhabitants of the subterranean realms -- the mind flayer tormentor.

The world beneath the world is home to horrors that feast on flesh, blood, mind, and soul. The twisting tunnels and endless black seas of the Underdark funnel explorers into the lairs of creatures that have never known or dreamed of the sun.

Chapter 6 of the Underdark introduces new monsters and expands on some of the existing creatures native to the Underdark.

Mind Flayer

All mind flayers delight in the agony of others, but the mind flayer tormentor develops this rapacious nature into a dark art.

Mind Flayer Tormentor Lore

Dungeoneering DC 27: The reclusive tormentor is among the most feared of mind flayers, known for its ability to consume even the brains of foes that refuse to engage it in melee.

(273 Kbs PDF)

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