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Excerpts: Plane Below: Pandemonium Stone

In today's Plane Below: Secrets of the Elemental Chaos preview, we travel to one of the infinite -- and infinitely odd -- locations in the Elemental Chaos.

Elemental Locales

The Elemental Chaos is infinite: Even the portion known to natural creatures dwarfs their world. You might lead the characters along ways wending through preconceived locales or fill previously unknown spaces with cultures and landscapes pulled from the peculiar, grotesque, and scintillating depths of your psyche.

Whether you prefer examples of adventuring areas in the Plane Below, or want some details about its most important or infamous regions, we’ve got you covered. This chapter presents ten areas of the Elemental Chaos, some unique and others archetypal. By introducing variations to suit the strangeness of the Elemental Chaos as you perceive it, you can make them unique to your campaign.

Each locale described in this chapter of The Plane Below includes the following information.

  • Overview: Here you’ll find a general description of the locale and its place in the Plane Below.
  • Inhabitants and Culture: If the area contains organized settlements, their nature is described here. Some areas are too wild to have an identifiable culture, but significant inhabitants are discussed.
  • Major Areas: This entry summarizes important cities, fortresses, and other sites of note in the region.
  • Adventures: This entry includes a list of environmental hazards and notable terrain features in the locale, followed by several sample encounters to threaten the characters.

Following those sections are three mini-adventures, including tactical encounters, in a variety of interesting locations in the Elemental Chaos. You can run them as one-offs, plant them as seeds of larger adventures, or use them as models for elemental encounters of your own design.

The Pandemonium Stone

When the Pandemonium Stone exists, it appears only in the Elemental Chaos unless it is induced to materialize elsewhere by powerful wizards or sorcerers. A spire more than 100 feet in diameter and more than 500 feet tall, it consists of bone, flesh, ice, minerals, wind, wood, and other materials, always in flux. Rough carvings on it flare with roaring fire, crackling lightning, deafening thunder, and unbearable cold—and then die down. Blazing white runes in an unknown script sometimes march across the surface.

The Pandemonium Stone manifests randomly; even efreets using al-buraj cannot predict its appearances. It bursts into existence like a volcanic eruption in a spray of fire, cold, lightning, or other energy, sending ripples in all directions through the Elemental Chaos.

Neither the gods nor the primordials claim to have created the Pandemonium Stone. They knew of it even before the Dawn War.

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