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Excerpts: Primal Power Perfect Guardian

In today's Primal Power preview, we present a new epic destiny for primal characters -- the Perfect Guardian!

Perfect Guardian

Blessed by your destiny as a great protector, your natural form shifts to accommodate the power of the elder spirits.

Prerequisite: 21st level, warden

Force fills the winds that tear your clothes. Strength wells up from the stones beneath your feet. Having drawn this power into your being, you bend it to serve your will. Nature’s might buttresses your attacks. Primeval resilience safeguards you and your companions. Your reshaped flesh demonstrates your true mastery over primal power. Long practice with your evocations allows you to fully apprehend nature’s magic. You blend the gifts of your various guardian forms, until you start to acquire a resemblance to the Primal Beast of which those forms are all aspects.

The ease with which you harness primal power comes partly from your experience with nature’s bounty, but also because the spirits entrust you with even greater energy. They willingly lend you their wisdom and might each time you draw from their abundant well. These spirits chose you to be their champion, and as such, they create new pathways for you to seize their strength and bind it to your body in incredible ways. This boon ensures that no despoiler of the world can stand against your wrath.

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