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Excerpts: Primal Power Scarred Healer

In today's Primal Power preview, we present a new paragon path for shamans -- the Scarred Healer!


"You think the world is only what you can see? Then you are truly blind."

You live in a world that most other people can’t even perceive. To you, the realm of the primal spirits isn’t a theoretical construct or an abstract notion—it’s the world you live in, and the physical world sometimes seems like a dream. What others perceive, at best, in flashes and brief visions, you see all the time. This is your glory and perhaps, ultimately, your curse, for you are a shaman—the purest conduit between the mortal world and the spirit realm that suffuses it.

The most important spirit, of course, is your spirit companion, a constant presence and your link to the spirit world. When you call upon ancestor spirits or spirits of natural forces, your companion represents their presence in the world on your behalf. Your companion might also nudge you into adventures, point you in a certain direction, or even growl pointed advice when it thinks you need to hear wisdom.

Chapter 3 of Primal Power includes evocations that allow your shaman character to channel a new array of primal spirits. You’ll find a broad range of material to help build your shaman, including the following.

  • Playing a Shaman: Suggestions to help you create your shaman as a character who has a unique perspective on the world and the spirits that inhabit it.
  • New Builds: The eagle shaman and the world speaker shaman provide options beyond those previously presented in Player’s Handbook 2.
  • New Class Features: The Watcher Spirit class feature helps you guide your allies’ ranged attacks, while the World Speaker Spirit class feature helps you convince the world to bend to your will.
  • New Powers: The new powers in this book include an abundance of terrain-control effects and ranged attacks, as well as evocations intended to empower the ranged attackers in your party.
  • New Paragon Paths: Seven new paths, including the scarred healer, whose body bears constant testimony to the wounds he or she seeks to heal, and the seasons’ herald, who is adept at using the spirits to maintain the balance of nature.

Scarred Healer

"Scars carry two lessons. The first is that victory often has a price. The second is that no defeat is final."

Prerequisite: Shaman, call spirit companion power

The powerful magic you and your allies have mastered during your adventures can cure most nonfatal wounds, and even fatal wounds might be only temporary setbacks. Death is a solvable problem, and you are one of the most powerful healers that most people will encounter. Why, then, do you bear such terrible scars, as if you were a warrior who had suffered a terrible defeat?

In the history of your people, victories and defeats have always gone hand in hand. Your scars are marks of your status as one of the heroes who ensures that no defeat will be total. By accepting the painful lessons of the past and bearing their marks on your flesh, you access healing magic that other shamans can’t or aren’t willing to use.

The most powerful healing spirits of the world recognize your unique pattern of scars. When the world hangs in the balance, the power of these spirits is on your side.

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