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Excerpts: AV2 Wondrous Lair Items
Adventurer's Vault 2

In today’s Adventurer's Vault 2 preview, we look at new wondrous items to help improve your lair.... We help set you up with a gorgeous lair. Do you have a lair? We have a lair!

Wondrous Lair Items

Lair items are a class of wondrous item that adventurers can add to their base of operations (or "lair"). Unlike most magic items, lair items aren’t portable; they must be left behind when a hero goes exploring. They provide comforts when the party returns home after a difficult adventure, and a home-field advantage against enemies who would dare assault them in their sanctum.

Cask of Liquid Gold
Level 3
This cask contains a never-ending supply of dwarven ale.
Wondrous Item 680 gp
Property: At the start of each day, the cask fills to its full volume with dwarven ale. Any ale taken from the cask evaporates if it has not been consumed when the cask refills.

Door Warden
Level 12
The ornamental face on this door interrogates and introduces your visitors.
Wondrous Item 13,000 gp
Property: Cast in the shape of a face, this door ornament is aware of its surroundings and able to speak. When you install a door warden on a portal, the door gains resist 10 to all damage and 40 additional hit points, and can be opened or closed at will by the warden as a minor action. The door warden judges when to open the door or keep it sealed based on your instructions and can communicate with you telepathically if you’re on the same plane.

Throne of Dominion
Level 12
This throne is carved with ornate filigree and reliefs showing a king ruling over subjects that span the chair’s entire surface.
Wondrous Item 13,000 gp
Property: While you sit on the throne, when a creature you can see attempts to deceive, disobey, or betray you, it is stunned (save ends). All creatures you can see take a –3 penalty to attack rolls that target your Will.
Power (Daily Charm): Standard Action. Make an attack: Ranged sight; Charisma + 5 vs. Will; on a hit, the target is dominated until the end of your next turn.

Throne of Dominion

For ages, monarchs and despots have used thrones of dominion to sway the thoughts and opinions of their subjects. Stories of the first throne’s creation are inconsistent—it’s a defining characteristic of the item that it inspires loyalty in followers, who refuse to believe that any other ruler but their own could have produced such a marvel. Prominent in places where rulers have or had few qualms about maintaining control using magic, thrones of dominion were an integral part of the tiefling empire of Bael Turath, and they can be found today in many drow cities and githyanki citadels.

Depose the Tyrant: Anyone who has a number of loyal followers in sway might have a throne of dominion. It’s said that Ravel the Ruthless sits on an expensive throne in his hold, and should he be dethroned, none would be saddened.

Gorgonblood Mortar
Level 22
Integrating this special mortar into your wall grants it a metaphysical denseness.
Wondrous Item 325,000 gp
Property: You can use this mortar in the construction of up to 10 contiguous squares of a wall. Creatures that have phasing can’t pass through walls so constructed.

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