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Excerpts: E2 Kingdom of the Ghouls

In today’s E2 Kingdom of the Ghouls excerpts, we present adventure hooks, three encounters as well as a new and horrifying monster.

Kingdom of the Ghouls

Something terrible was stolen from Death's Reach, a graveyard of dead monstrosities and banned weapons hailing from the dawn war between god and primordial. To prevent it from falling into the hands of the Demon Prince of Undeath, heroes must follow its trail, even into the fanged mouth of hunger itself. E2: Kingdom of the Ghouls is an adventure for characters of 24th to 26th level.

  • Adventure Hooks (1.7 Mbs PDF)
    Bringing the player characters into the adventure can be straightforward, and it might even be the logical consequence of previous play. Several potential hooks are described below, and they grant the PCs opportunities to gain additional experience by completing associated minor quests.

  • Gorgimrith, the Hunger in the Mountain (571 KBs PDF)
    Gorgimrith is a massive, many-mouthed undead entity that is part of the Mountain of Mouths in the White Kingdom. In fact, Gorgimrith, also known as the Hunger in the Mountain, might be the actual foundation upon which the peak formed. Some theorize that Gorgimrith is a fragment of a primordial entity of hunger, but lore on this topic is extremely scarce. It is also possible that Gorgimrith is so immense that it exists on more than one layer in the Abyss.

  • E2: Temple Portal Entrance (915 KBs PDF)
    In the center of this stone chamber’s floor is a large portal circle lined with green runes that glow brightly enough to light the whole room. A stone chair at the eastern end is delicately carved and scribed with symbols. An ornate square pillar sits in each corner of the room. Near each pillar is a pile of rubble, the shattered remains of some sort of statuary. A faint humming fills the air.

  • W5: The Hunger in the Mountain (928 KBs PDF)
    A staircase ascends into this chamber, just past two bronze braziers that bathe the room in fiery light. Most of the room is made of bone, as are other structures in the City of the Hungry Dead, but the east wall consists of sheer rock. In the center of the wall, carved bone columns frame a massive, slavering, tooth-filled maw that opens wide enough for an ogre to walk through. A long, dark red tongue split into three tendrils quivers within the mouth. Black ichor drips from the tongue and spills onto the floor of the chamber.

  • P1: Black Blood Falls (846 KBs PDF)
    With a deal agreed upon, the Bone Seer leads you to the edge of the Lake of Black Blood. She bends down and dips a clawed hand into the dark fluid. Slowly, she raises her hand from the lake, black blood streaming down her arm and dripping in viscous puddles on the shore. Within moments, a mass of bones and skin emerges from the lake, forming into a boat big enough to hold your entire group. The boat is composed of the bones of massive creatures, and the hull is held together with a skin-like membrane. A rotted sail that looks like a dragon's wing unfurls from the mast and flaps in the night air.

    The Bone Seer speaks. "The boat will take you to the palace. Now go! Your victory is my revenge!"
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