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Excerpts: Grave Caller
Arcane Power

In today’s Arcane Power preview, we introduce a new paragon path for the bard: the Grave Caller!


"Melodies haunt me: songs of joy and sorrow, victory and defeat. They surface from the past, and echo faintly from futures yet to be."

As a bard, you are an arcane marvel capable of calling magic from art itself. You are viscerally moved by the poetry, songs, and narratives of ancient days and are inspired to reproduce the wonders they relate, or to create new legends of your own.

You are a consummate performer, and your magic is just one aspect of a grand display. A master of charm and illusion, you can spin a story so captivating or a musical recital so engrossing that hours might pass while the listener stands transfixed. In combat, you put these same skills to use, but instead of delighting an audience, you perform to destroy a foe. You revel in drama and creativity even in the midst of a vicious fight.

You are nothing if not versatile, capable of fighting with both sword or bow and spell. Few enemies fully appreciate your effectiveness—until it is too late. Your broad range of talent encompasses artistic ability, arcane lore, and knowledge of things long past—with glimpses of what is to come.

Grave Caller

"Some deserve nothing but death, and those most deserving are marked by their crimes. Like a requiem’s crescendo, I pursue the marked ever more closely to give them their due."

Prerequisite: Bard

Rumors of an ancient organization of assassin-bards sometimes surface in taverns. Such tales are quickly quelled as foolish romance, of course. If the existence of the secret group to which you belong became common knowledge, your work would be that much harder to accomplish.

Your shadowy organization, known as the Grave Callers, has tasked its members to seek out and slay those who prey on the innocent. Its leaders identify those individuals to you through clever courier drops or magical sendings, marking them indelibly as your targets. You are making the world a better place with each undesirable element that you remove, and that knowledge drives you to continue your work.

Through your ancient and deadly song, you improve the chances of all other creatures, one death at a time.

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