Excerpts Archive | 3/9/2009
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Excerpts: Sky Hunter
Player's Handbook 2

In today’s Player's Handbook 2 preview, we introduce a new paragon path for the druid: the sky hunter!

Sky Hunter

"The eagle is the perfect predator. Not bound to earth, it hunts like a primal spirit in the world."

Prerequisite: Druid, wild shape power

Although the Primal Beast usually appears as a mammalian predator, some aspects of the Primal Beast soar through the sky on feathered wings, hunting prey from the air. Eagles, hawks, and falcons are no less fierce predators than panthers and wolves, and some druids assume their forms to fly after their own prey.

You are such a druid, a sky hunter who emulates birds of prey in your beast form. Your beast form can’t always fly, but it can take to the air from time to time. Some sky hunters assume a beast form a little like a cockatrice—a stalking predator with primitive wings that allow it to fly in short bursts. Others retain their normal beast form but change momentarily into a bird form when they use their sky hunter powers.

Friday 03/13: A look at the Primal Avatar!

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