Excerpts Archive | 10/31/2008
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Excerpts: Daring Acrobat
Martial Power

In today’s Martial Power preview, we introduce you to a new paragon path for rogues: Daring Acrobat.

Daring Acrobat

“Agile movement is as much offensive as it is defensive.”

Prerequisites: Rogue, trained in Acrobatics

Acrobatics is a widespread and popular talent. All people, from nobles to peasants, enjoy acrobatics shows, whether amid the finery of court or the debris of the street. A few venturesome religious rites, especially those that pay homage to Avandra or Kord, require the skill. Mastery of the body is part of numerous education philosophies, and acrobatics is unmatched in cultivating fitness and balance. Thieves and burglars use the skill to ply their trade. Training is easy to find and widely accepted. Some youngsters attain a level of mastery well before they reach adolescence.

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