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Excerpts: King of the Trollhaunt Warrens

Warning! The following excerpts from P1 King of the Trollhaunt Warrens are intended for the eyes of your Dungeon Master. If you’ll be participating in this adventure as a player, we advise you to stop reading now... and your Dungeon Master insists you stop reading now!

The small town of Moonstair lies on the far frontier of the barony of Therund. A central stop on the north–south trade road, Moonstair was the site of an ancient portal to the Feywild.

East of the town lies the dangerous wilderness known as the Trollhaunt—a maze of swampland, thickets, gullies, and forested ridges. In ages past, this area was part of a land called Vardar, a violent realm of troll war-clans and the monsters that served them. Vardar fell into ruin centuries ago, leaving only dank barrows and a few fogshrouded stone forts to mark its existence. The trolls and other foul creatures dwelling in the Trollhaunt degenerated into savagery, preying on each other and any travelers foolish enough to venture into their lands. However, things in the Trollhaunt are about to change . . .

The great troll chieftain Skalmad has put an end to the feuds and squabbling of his kin, using ancient fomorian magic to declare himself King of the Trollhaunt. Now, Skalmad and his monstrous followers are turning their malice toward neighboring human lands. For the first time in centuries, the trolls of the Trollhaunt have a leader with the will and the wits to forge his lesser fellows into a conquering army. Vardar lives again, and if nothing is done to check Skalmad’s power, Moonstair will be just the first of many settlements to fall.

King of the Trollhaunt Warrens is an adventure for characters of 11th to 13th levels. Following are select excerpts from its adventure books, including the introduction, a new monster, and a sampling of encounters.

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