Excerpts Archive | 8/14/2008
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Excerpts: Amn, War Wizard
Forgotten Realms Player's Guide

In today’s Forgotten Realms Player's Guide preview, we introduce you to a player's perspective of Amn -- where many hope to make fortunes and rise in the merchant ranks, though some pursue different paths. Plus, a look at one of the new paragon paths: the War Wizard of Cormyr.

In Amn, everything has a price. From assassins and slaves to art and artifacts, the nation offers an indulgence or a vice for everyone. The laws can be strict for those without a coin or two for the right bribe at the right time. Around every street corner and bend in the road, Amn might hold the opportunity of a lifetime—or a cutthroat waiting to end your life.

Paragon Path: War Wizard of Cormyr

Ancient treasures and great renown await adventurers who survive to become paragons in their practice. A character that advances beyond 10th level gains access to paragon paths that bestow new powers and abilities upon the character.

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