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The Stowaway: Demon & The Stone

Barely a teen and already guarding a secret that could jeopardize his young life, Maimun is marked for death. With the help of a mysterious stranger, the boy escapes his village and flees out to sea, stowing away on the pirate hunting ship, Sea Sprite, where he comes across a most unlikely ally: the dark elf Drizzt Do'Urden. With a half-demon determined to destroy him, and a crew of sailors resentful of the trouble he's caused, Maimun must find the courage to prove his worth, both to his friends and to himself.

This month, The Stowaway releases in paperback; to coincide, we've created gameplay material for two of the book's main features: the half-demon Asbeel and the magic stone he's hunting after.

Stowaway's Stone

The Stowaway's Stone provides its owner with more than their typical share of luck; however this often comes at the expense of those nearby who find their own reserve of luck plundered.

Stowaway's Stone
Level 12
At once heavy and light, the stone doesn't weight much but its owner feels they are holding something massive and important. Appearing as a small black orb, perfectly smooth and round, on closer inspection the stone swirls with colors—blues and reds, and a line of deep violet all wrapped around one another. The stone is wrapped in a clean white cloth and carried within a small leather pouch worked into a silver-studded leather belt.
Wondrous Item 13,000 gp
Power (Encounter Arcane, Implement): Minor Action. If your next attack roll hits, the attack deals an additional 1d6 damage. If your next attack roll misses, you are knocked prone. You cannot use this power if you are prone.
Power (Daily Arcane, Implement): Minor Action. Close burst 5; one target; before the end of your next turn, you can choose for the target to reroll one saving throw or attack roll. It must use the second result. Effect: Before the end of your next turn, you can reroll one attack roll, skill check, ability check, or saving throw. You must use the second result.

Asbeel the Half-Demon

Level 14 Solo Controller
Large elemental humanoid (demon)
XP 5,000
Initiative +10 Senses Perception +9
HP 580 Bloodied 290
AC 28; Fortitude 28, Reflex 24, Will 24
Resist fire 20, poison 20; Vulnerable 10 radiant
Speed 8, fly 8 (hover)
Action Points 1
Melee Insidious Sword (standard; at-will) Fire, Poison, Weapon
Reach 2; +19 vs. AC; 1d8 + 4 fire damage, and ongoing 10 poison damage and the target cannot make opportunity attacks (save ends both). Aftereffect: ongoing 10 poison damage (save ends).
Melee Aerial Assault (standard; at-will)
Asbeel flies up to 8 squares and makes three insidious sword attacks at any point during that movement, or four attacks while bloodied. This movement doesn’t provoke opportunity attacks.
Ranged Word of Command (standard; recharge 5 6) Charm
Ranged 5; +18 vs. Will; one or two targets; 2d8 + 5 psychic damage and the target is dominated until the end of Asbeel’s next turn. While Asbeel is bloodied, this attack inflicts an additional 5 damage.
Ranged Insidious Whispers (minor; at will) Charm
Ranged 5; +18 vs. Will; the target makes an at-will attack against a target or targets of Asbeel's choice with a +2 power bonus to any attack rolls.
Area Burst Wall of Fire (standard; recharge when first bloodied) Conjuration, Fire
Wall 5 within 10; Asbeel conjures a wall filled with arcane fire until the end of the encounter. It can be up to 4 squares high and blocks line of sight. Any creature that starts its turn adjacent to the wall takes 5 fire damage. If a creature moves into the wall’s space or starts its turn there, the creature takes 15 fire damage. Entering a square occupied by the wall costs 3 extra squares of movement.
Change Shape (minor; at-will) Polymorph
Asbeel can alter his physical form to take on the appearance of a Medium humanoid, typically that of a sun elf.
Alignment Chaotic evil
Languages Common, Abyssal
Str 22 (+13)
Dex 20 (+12)
Wis 15 (+9)
Con 25 (+14)
Int 9 (+6)
Cha 18 (+11)
Equipment greatsword

Asbeel's Tactics

Asbeel prefers to fight from the air, separating his enemies from each other with wall of fire and picking them off with word of command or aerial assault. He forces dominated opponents to walk into his wall of fire, attack their allies, or both. He uses insidious whispers frequently to cause his enemies to attack each other.

Asbeel Lore

DC 20: Asbeel prefers to travel abroad in the guise of a sun elf, with a slight build, clean shaven head, and golden tan with a hint of red to it. In this guise, Asbeel dresses regally in fine silks of violet and black, and carries an ornately carved obsidian staff. When transformed into his true form, Asbeel’s staff changes into a curved sword of black iron. The convex edge of his sword is wickedly serrated, with bright red barbs lining its length; the hilt is composed of twisted metal spikes, jutting out at odd angles, and the length of the blade blazes with red flame.

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