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Dungeon Command Preview 3
Peter Lee

D&D Game Day takes place later this summer, on July 21. This year, the event celebrates Dungeon Command. Designed for two or more players, this head-to-head skirmish game will have strategists assembling war bands, taking to the battlefield of their choice, and attempting to crush the enemy!

In these preview articles, Peter Lee—one of the designers behind this latest tactical miniatures game for Dungeons & Dragons—takes us through the workings of the game. You can also always download the rulebook for a complete look at the game:

(14 Mbs PDF)

In today’s preview, we take a closer look at the Order cards. While the Creature cards we showed in last week’s preview represent the miniatures of the game, the Order cards represent how the miniatures fight each other.

Each Order card has a level, written in the upper left corner of the card. A Creature can only use an Order if that Creature’s level is equal to or greater than the Order’s level. Right below the level is the Order’s ability score. A creature must also have the Order’s ability score in order to us it. For example, Daring Attack (from the Heart of Cormyr faction pack) is a level 3 Strength Order card. So Daring Attack can only be used by creatures that are at or above level 3 and have Strength.

The Order’s action type is written right below the name of the card. There are three types of actions: Standard, Minor, and Immediate. A Creature can take one Standard action during its turn and any number of Minor actions. A creature may also take 1 Immediate action during the opponent’s turn. As you can see above, Daring Attack requires a Standard action.

The heart of the Order card lies below the card’s art: the rules text. This area tells you what the card does when you play it. Daring Attack is a variant on an attack. This attack deals 30 damage, and if the damage isn’t prevented by your opponent, the attacking creature untaps. Untapping the creature ultimately gives the opportunity to play an additional Standard action, so you can definitely pile on the damage with this Order!

Some Order cards grant ongoing abilities to Creatures. For example, Arcane Ritual is a power that can be attached to any Creature over level 2 with Intelligence.

When you attach an Order card, you slide it under the Creature’s card so you can only see the text at the bottom of the card. Attached cards give the Creature a new power. With Arcane Ritual, the creature now lets you draw an additional Order Card if it ends its activation in a Magic Circle.

Some Order cards, such as Secret Passage from the Sting of Lolth faction pack, have “Any” for the ability score. This means any type of creature can use the Order card—and so, a level 1 Any card can be used by any creature.

I’ll leave you with a few more Order cards. Be sure to keep an eye out for next week’s article featuring the Commander cards!

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