D&D Alumni Archive | 10/31/2012
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D&D Adventure Quiz
Bart Carroll

A cave-like opening, somewhat obscured by vegetation, is noticeable at the end of a treacherous pathway which leads up to the craggy outcropping of black rock. By sweeping aside some of the vines and branches, the opening becomes easily accessible to human-size explorers…

So began the start of B1: In Search of the Unknown, one of the first adventures for a great many players. On this day of tricks and treats, we wanted to look back at more old school adventures you might recall. Simply select the difficulty level for the quiz (heroic or epic)—and best of luck!

Your Score

0-3: Warrior. A tough outing, but these adventures have clearly had the better of you.

4-7: Hero. An impressive showing, except for the wandering monsters slowing you down.

8-11: Champion. You've cleared the first level of these adventures, but not much further.

12-15: Superhero. Well done; you've reached the lower levels, if not the final prize.

16+: Lord. You've conquered the adventures and collected all treasure types!

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