News Archive | 3/31/2011
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March Errata

Earlier this month in the weekly Rule-of-Three column, we announced that going forward, we will roll out errata in two ways. First, at the end of each month, we’ll post simple fixes that correct typos and other small oversights, such as missing keywords or incorrect triggers or action types. The other way we’ll provide errata is through twice annual rules updates, which address issues that are larger in scope and require in-depth developer review.

Our goal with the monthly errata is to work back through our book releases, starting with the most recent ones. At the same time, we’ll be going through issues of Dragon, beginning with Dragon 364.

This month, we’re starting small. In addition to the errata at the end of the Warlord article, we’re providing the power strike errata we promised in the Rule-of-Three column. Next month, we’ll post any additional errata for Heroes of the Fallen Lands, Heroes of the Forgotten Kingdoms, as well as for Dragon 364. The errata will be posted in the form of patch notes on the rules update page. Starting next month, we’ll also begin updating the pdf archive with the latest errata.

As we issue errata and rules updates, the changes will also be reflected in our digital tools in the month following a release. For example, the power strike change will appear in the update in April.

If we miss something, let us know. We’ll be combing the errata forums, looking for your suggestions.

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