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Big Map Attack
The Dungeon Master Experience
Chris Perkins

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Step 11. Shrink the House

To shrink the hill giant house so that it’s the appropriate size, I use Edit: Transform: Scale (as shown).

Step 12. Place the House

Using my mouse, I “click and drag” the resized house so that it’s where I want it. I can do this because the house is on its own layer, separate from the rest of the map.

Step 13. Duplicate the House

Because I’m lazy, I’m not going to draw different hill giant houses; I’m going to copy and paste the same one over and over using Layer: Duplicate Layer. Each time I duplicate the Hill Giant Homestead layer, I get a new house that I can “click and drag” wherever I want using my mouse.

Step 14. Make a Hill Giant Cemetery

The giants bury their dead under rocky hilltop cairns. The cairns are created exactly the same way as the giant homesteads: I create a new layer, build one cairn using my pencil, shrink it down to the appropriate size, duplicate the layer over and over, and “click and drag” each new cairn into place.

On a whim, I use the same trick to create farm fields around the hill giant homesteads. I create a new layer, draw five rows of wavy lines using my pencil (set to 1 pixel width), and then duplicate the layer multiple times. Once the lines are placed, I use my eraser to “cut the corners.”

Step 15. Make Waves and Caves

Believe it or not, my map is 75% complete. Time to add some details, specifically a row of caves along the northern cliffs and some water lines around the entire island. I want to make these changes to the Background layer, so I make sure that’s the layer I’m working on (see the right toolbar).

The waves and caves are made with my pencil (set at 3 pixels). The waves in particular look better if the linework is a bit thinner than the outline of the island.

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