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Big Map Attack
The Dungeon Master Experience
Chris Perkins

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Step 6. Add Cliffs

Using my pencil and eraser tools, I carefully extend the 100-foot cliffs around the rest of the island, except for a short section to the south. I make sure there are no gaps in the linework, so that I don’t run into problems when it comes time to paint sections of the map with color.

Step 7. Add Hills

This is an island inhabited by hill giants, so I figure it needs hills! I draw several low hills at the base of the volcano, as well as a rocky rise at the southern tip of the island where the petrified dragon is perched.

Step 8. Add a Dock

Using the eraser, I erase a small bit of the island outline. Then I use my pencil to draw a stone dock protruding from the island. If it doesn’t look right the first time, I erase it and try again. Up to this point, everything has been drawn on one layer.

Step 9. Create a New Layer

I’m ready to start adding details to my map. I create a new layer and call it “Hill Giant Homestead.”

Step 10. Draw a House

My layers appear in the toolbar along the right side of the screen. Using my pencil and mouse, I draw a hill giant homestead anywhere on the map; because it’s on a separate layer, nothing I do will affect the rest of the map. I draw the house bigger than it will appear in the final, so that I can get the detail I want. It looks like something the Flintstones might build, but which seems appropriate for a hill giant dwelling.

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