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Three-Dragon Ante: Emperor’s Gambit is the second set of 70 Three-Dragon Ante cards brought to our world from the taverns and game tables of the Dungeons & Dragons world. You can play Emperor’s Gambit as a standalone game or combine cards from it with the original, in whole or in part. The two versions of the game are fully compatible.

A special thanks goes to Jon Schindehette and Kevin Smith, art directors for this project, plus artist Craig Phillips.

The cards of the Emperor’s Gambit appear to have originated in a kingdom somewhere on the borders of the ancient dragonborn empire of Arkhosia. Cards such as the Emperor and the Exarch show clear deference to the empire’s dragonborn rulers. The most popular image used for the card known as the Spy, a tiefling, clearly refers to the empire of Arkhosia’s tiefling enemies in Bael Turath.

Most Three-Dragon Ante cards left over from the Arkhosian empire itself are from the original deck, but decks from the latter days of the empire start to mix in cards from the Emperor’s Gambit deck. The most likely explanation is that the Emperor’s Gambit cards were originally a gift to an Arkhosian emperor by some great magician or client-kingdom.

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