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Title Category Date Issue # Author
Excerpts: Money Matters Excerpts 10/02/12
Excerpts: Multiclassing Excerpts 04/30/08
Excerpts: Murder in Baldur's Gate Excerpts 08/20/13
Excerpts: Origins Excerpts 10/20/08
Excerpts: Origins and Society Excerpts 12/15/08
Excerpts: P2 Demon Queen's Enclave Excerpts 12/12/08
Excerpts: P3 Assault on Nightwyrm Fortress Excerpts 04/10/09
Excerpts: Paragon Paths Excerpts 04/23/08
Excerpts: PH2 Feats Excerpts 03/06/09
Excerpts: PH2 Rituals Excerpts 02/27/09
Excerpts: Plane Below: Creatures of Chaos Excerpts 12/07/09
Excerpts: Plane Below: Masters of the Elements Excerpts 12/11/09
Excerpts: Plane Below: Orders out of Chaos Excerpts 11/20/09
Excerpts: Plane Below: Pandemonium Stone Excerpts 11/30/09
Excerpts: Plane Below: Plains of Rust Excerpts 12/04/09
Excerpts: Plane Below: Secrets of the Elemental Chaos: Skill Challenge Excerpts 11/16/09
Excerpts: Plane Below: Wave Excerpts 11/23/09
Excerpts: Practical Guide to Faeries Excerpts 01/19/09
Excerpts: Primal Avatar Excerpts 03/13/09
Excerpts: Primal Power Backgrounds Excerpts 10/02/09
Excerpts: Primal Power Feats Excerpts 10/09/09
Excerpts: Primal Power Perfect Guardian Excerpts 10/16/09
Excerpts: Primal Power Rituals Excerpts 09/25/09
Excerpts: Primal Power Scarred Healer Excerpts 10/05/09
Excerpts: Primal Power Stonefire Rager Excerpts 09/21/09
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