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Title Category Date Issue # Author
Fiction: 2011 Spin a Yarn Fiction 07/19/12 413 Ed Greenwood
D&D Next/Dungeon Command Podcasts 07/20/12 Mike Robles, Mike Mearls, Jeremy Crawford
D&D Game Day News 07/20/12
Epic Campain: Web of the Spider Queen #7 Cartoons 07/23/12 Aaron Williams
Menzoberranzan Excerpts: Drow Factions Excerpts 07/24/12 Bart Carroll
BoardGameGeek: Dungeon Command Contest News 07/25/12
Menzoberranzan Excerpts: City of Spiders Excerpts 07/26/12 Bart Carroll
Happy Birthday, Gary News 07/27/12
2012 ENnie Award Voting News 07/27/12
Art: Dungeon 204 Subscriber Only Content Art Galleries 07/30/12 204
Map: Dungeon 204 Subscriber Only Content Map Galleries 07/30/12 204
Art: Dragon 413 Subscriber Only Content Art Galleries 07/31/12
Menzoberranzan Excerpts: The Northdark Excerpts 07/31/12 Bart Carroll
Epic Campain: Web of the Spider Queen #8 Cartoons 07/31/12 Aaron Williams
D&D Encounters News 08/02/12
Menzoberranzan Excerpts: Be A Drow Excerpts 08/02/12 Bart Carroll
D&D Lair Assault News 08/02/12
2012 D&D Championship News 08/02/12
D&D Next Q&A News 08/02/12 Rodney Thompson
Spiderkiller #1 (of 4) Cartoons 08/02/12 Jason Thompson
Playtester Profile: Tracy Barnett News 08/03/12 Trevor Kidd
August: In the Works Previews 08/03/12 Bart Carroll
Penny Arcade/PvP #1 (of 4) Podcasts 08/06/12
Book Wyrms: Pride & Prejudice (& Drizzt) Book Wyrms 08/07/12 Nina Hess
Dungeon Command: Set 1 Wallpapers 08/08/12
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