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Appendix d12: Mind Flayers Features 07/17/12 Jason Sholtis
What Did You Expect? Dragon's-Eye View 07/18/12 Jon Schindehette
What's My Motivation? The Dungeon Master Experience 07/19/12 Chris Perkins
Fiction: 2011 Spin a Yarn Fiction 07/19/12 413 Ed Greenwood
The +5 Crossword of Slaying -- Part 15 Features 07/20/12 Chris Perkins
Monster Creation in D&D Next Legends & Lore 07/23/12 Mike Mearls
The Ecology of the Swordwing Subscriber Only Content The Ecology of... 07/23/12 204 Tim Eagon
Rule-of-Three: 07/24/2012 Rule-of-Three 07/24/12 Rodney Thompson
Appendix d12: Lolth's Gifts Features 07/24/12 Jason Sholtis
Wandering Monsters Dragon's-Eye View 07/25/12 Jon Schindehette
Less Death, More Danger! Subscriber Only Content Bestiary 07/25/12 204 Jeffrey Ludwig
The Well The Dungeon Master Experience 07/26/12 Chris Perkins
The Sword Collector Subscriber Only Content Adventures 07/27/12 204 Michael E. Shea
Fighters & Combat Superiority Legends & Lore 07/30/12 Mike Mearls
Art: Dungeon 204 Subscriber Only Content Art Galleries 07/30/12 204
Map: Dungeon 204 Subscriber Only Content Map Galleries 07/30/12 204
Pearl of the Sea Mother Subscriber Only Content Adventures 07/30/12 204 John "Ross" Rossomangno
Art: Dragon 413 Subscriber Only Content Art Galleries 07/31/12
What's Up In Downshadow Subscriber Only Content Adventures 07/31/12 204 Sterling Hershey
Denizens of the Demonweb Subscriber Only Content Features 07/31/12 204 Michael E. Shea
Orcs and Gnolls Wandering Monsters 07/31/12 James Wyatt
Da Ga-Noll Dragon's-Eye View 08/01/12 Jon Schindehette
The End Is Nigh The Dungeon Master Experience 08/02/12 Chris Perkins
Stocking the Shelves Subscriber Only Content Features 08/03/12 205 Matthew Sernett
Playtest Update, Part 2 Legends & Lore 08/06/12 Mike Mearls
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