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Title Category Date Issue # Author
My Campaign: The TV Series The Dungeon Master Experience 03/10/11 Chris Perkins
I Don't Know What It Means, But I Like It The Dungeon Master Experience 03/03/11 Chris Perkins
Previously in Iomandra... The Dungeon Master Experience 02/24/11 Chris Perkins
Surprise! Epic Goblins! The Dungeon Master Experience 02/17/11 Chris Perkins
Tyranny of Goblins Order Cards Design & Development 09/18/12 Chris Dupuis
Tyranny of Goblins Design & Development 09/12/12 Chris Dupuis
Welcome to Menzoberranzan Design & Development 09/10/12 James Wyatt
Dungeon Command—Follow the Leader Design & Development 06/27/12 Chris Dupuis
Dungeon Command—Iteration Consternation Design & Development 06/20/12 Chris Dupuis
Dungeon Command—Luck and Uncertainty Design & Development 06/13/12 Peter Lee
Dungeon Command Design & Development 06/06/12 Peter Lee & Kevin Tatroe
Back to the Dungeon Design & Development 05/16/12 Matt James
Into the Unknown—Coming Full Circle Design & Development 05/02/12 Logan Bonner
Building the Halls of Undermountain Design & Development 04/18/12 Matt Sernett
My Year in Undermountain Design & Development 04/11/12 Shawn Merwin
Entering the Halls of Undermountain Design & Development 04/04/12 Matt Sernett
The Enduring Flame Design & Development 03/28/12 Shawn Merwin
Lords of Waterdeep Design & Development 03/21/12 Rodney Thompson and Peter Lee
Evolution: Lords of Waterdeep Design & Development 03/14/12 Peter Lee
Lords of Waterdeep Design & Development 03/07/12 Rodney Thompson and Peter Lee
Designing Spiral of Tharizdun Design & Development 02/22/12 Robert J. Schwalb
Developing Heroes of the Elemental Chaos Design & Development 02/15/12 Jeremy Crawford
Designing Chaos: Classes and Themes Design & Development 02/08/12 Robert J. Schwalb
December Rules Updates Design & Development 01/11/12 Jeremy Crawford
Battle Map Bonanza Design & Development 01/11/12 Christopher Perkins
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