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Title Category Date Issue # Author
Mithrendain, Citadel of the Feywild Features 08/04/08 366 Rodney Thompson
Wizard Class Acts 06/16/08 364 Rodney Thompson
Lords of Waterdeep Design & Development 03/21/12 Rodney Thompson and Peter Lee
Lords of Waterdeep Design & Development 03/07/12 Rodney Thompson and Peter Lee
Executioner Assassin Design & Development 12/21/10 394 Rodney Thompson and Stephen Schubert
Tucker's Kobolds Subscriber Only Content Features 06/09/11 400 Roger E. Moore (foreword by Bart Carroll)
The Jester Subscriber Only Content Features 06/02/11 400 Roger E. Moore (foreword by Mike Mearls)
Dreaming of Waterdeep Fiction 11/22/10 393 Rosemary Jones
Warlock Vestiges Subscriber Only Content Class Acts 01/25/10 383 Russel Jones and Jeramy Pappas
Shaman: Spirit Leader Subscriber Only Content Class Acts 03/19/10 385 Russell Jones and Jeramy Pappas
Arena of Shadows Fiction 12/20/10 394 Sarah Zettel
Winning Races: Wilden Subscriber Only Content Character Concepts 11/03/10 393 Scott Fitzgerald Gray
Class Acts: Battleminds Subscriber Only Content Class Acts 09/01/10 391 Scott Fitzgerald Gray
The Beast of Talgora Subscriber Only Content Bazaar of the Bizarre 03/03/11 396 Scott Gable
Beyond Feudalism D&D Alumni 06/06/14 Shannon Appelcline
Beyond Feudalism D&D Alumni 05/30/14 Shannon Appelcline
Draco Historia D&D Alumni 04/25/14 Shannon Appelcline
Dungeoneering & The Art of War D&D Alumni 03/21/14 Shannon Appelcline
Dragonlance D&D Alumni 02/21/14 Shannon Appelcline
A Brief History of Dragons (& Dungeons) D&D Alumni 12/20/13 Shannon Appelcline
The (Not-So) Secret Origin of D&D D&D Alumni 11/22/13 Shannon Appelcline
The "I"s Have It D&D Alumni 10/31/13 Shannon Appelcline
My Year in Undermountain Design & Development 04/11/12 Shawn Merwin
The Enduring Flame Design & Development 03/28/12 Shawn Merwin
Ecology of the Rust Monster Subscriber Only Content The Ecology of... 06/12/09 374 Shawn Merwin
Subscriber Only Content Subscriber Only Content
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