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Title Category Date Issue # Author
Wrath of Ashardalon Bonus Adventures Adventures 04/08/11 Peter Lee
Kill the Messengers Adventures 10/29/10 Chris Perkins
The Heroes of Hesiod Adventures 04/26/10 Susan Morris
Haruuc's Tomb: A Novel Adventure Adventures 03/09/10 Craig A. Campbell
The Chaos Scar Adventures 10/07/09
Sleeper in the Tomb of Dreams Adventures 06/27/08 155 Matthew Sernett
Heathen Adventures 06/13/08 155 Scott Fitzgerald Gray
More Keep on the Shadowfell Adventures 06/06/08 155 Bilsland, Radney-MacFarland, and Schaefer
More Thunderspire Labyrinth Adventures 07/30/08 156 Greg Bilsland
The Last Breaths of Ashenport Adventures 07/29/08 156 Ari Marmell
The Haunting of Kincep Mansion Adventures 07/23/08 156 Skip Williams
Dark Heart of Mithrendain Adventures 08/29/08 157 Greg Marks
Massacre at Fort Dolor Adventures 08/28/08 157 Shawn Merwin
Depths of Avarice Adventures 08/27/08 157 Tim Hitchcock
Tariff of Relkingham Adventures 09/30/08 158 Eytan Bernstein
Sea Reavers of the Shrouded Crags Adventures 09/26/08 158 Logan Bonner
The Shadow Rift of Umbraforge Adventures 09/19/08 158 Scott Fitzgerald Gray
Ziggurat Beyond Time Subscriber Only Content Adventures 10/15/08 159 David Noonan
Menace of the Icy Spire Subscriber Only Content Adventures 10/08/08 159 Sean Molley
Summer's End Subscriber Only Content Adventures 11/19/08 160 Bill Slavicsek
Tomb of the Sand King's Daughter Subscriber Only Content Adventures 11/19/08 160 Ari Marmell
Beyond the Trollhaunt Subscriber Only Content Adventures 11/05/08 160 Logan Bonner
Touch of Madness Subscriber Only Content Adventures 12/17/08 161 Robert J. Schwalb
Depths of Madness Subscriber Only Content Adventures 01/21/09 162 Robert J. Schwalb
Winter of the Witch Subscriber Only Content Adventures 01/14/09 162 Stephen Radney-MacFarland
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