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Rogues and Scoundrels

Rogues and Scoundrels

Rogues and Scoundrels

Put Boba Fett to Work for You

The bounty hunters are some of the most popular characters in the Star Wars universe. In the exciting, new Rogues and Scoundrels expansion, they join a mercenary army of neutral cards every player will want to pick up. This 105-card set introduces the all-new Bounty and Upkeep mechanics and a cantina full of scum and villainy that will appeal to players and collectors alike.

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Collector's Highlights

  • More Expanded Universe content.
  • Many favorite characters from the Star Wars universe.

  • Game Features

  • Set consists of many neutral cards able to fight for either Dark or Light side.
  • New game mechanics: “Bounty” and “Upkeep”.
  • Bounty: Many of the units (mostly characters) have the Bounty mechanic. Bounty rewards destroying an enemy unit. Rewards can be for anything, most often build points or Force.
  • Upkeep: Strong cards with high repeat costs. In order to keep them in play you have to keep paying for them.

  • Cardset Rules & Lists

    Sortable Card List

    Errata and Rulings

    Famous Cards

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    Bossk (A)Lando Calrissian (G)Boba Fett (C)Kyle Katarn (A)

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