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Battle of Yavin

Battle of Yavin

Battle of Yavin
A Moment of Triumph
The survival of the Rebel Alliance hangs by a thread as the ruthless Grand Moff Tarkin unleashes the ultimate weapon in the universe against those who would oppose the Empire.

It is in this desperate attempt against impossible odds that the young Luke Skywalker and the brave pilots of Red & Gold Squadron come face to face with the deadly power of the Dark Side.

The Battle of Yavin allows you to recreate the intensity and desperation of those final moments when it seemed that all would be lost. Will the Empire succeed in destroying the Rebels or will the Force swing the tide for the light side?

It's all up to you. The battle approaches and you must either face your enemy with courage or ruthless aggression. Will you trust your feelings or let your technology do the talking?

It's Time to Demonstrate Your Power.

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Collector's Highlights

Battle of Yavin is the fourth expansion of the Star Wars TCG and features 105 new cards including rare premium foiled versions of all cards in the set.

Game Features

Battle of Yavin introduces a new game mechanic and expands on the Intercept and Pilot abilities from the A New Hope release.

  • Retaliate - If a unit in the same arena as this unit is attacking this unit, this unit does X dice of damage to that unit when the attack ends.

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